Learning & Activities

Six areas of learning help us to realise the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


  • Personal, social and emotional development

Sanskriti provides experience and support to help your child develop a positive sense of themselves and concern for others and build up confidence and trust. This enables your child to feel valued and gives them a sense of belonging in an environment where they feel comfortable.

  • Communication, language and literacy

We develop your child’s speaking and listening skills and build the foundations for reading and writing using Jolly Phonics. Everyday situations such as dressing up, shopping, walking to nursery provide a rich context within which to encourage conversation about things that are happening around them.

  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

At Sanskriti we cover important aspects of mathematical understanding and the foundations of numeracy. This area of learning includes counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns, making connections and working with numbers, shapes and patterns. Sanskriti uses a fantastic numeracy program which teaches the children through colour, shape and pattern.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the world

This very broad subject encourages children to develop the skills that help them make sense of the world. It forms the foundation for later work in science, design and technology, history, geography and ICT.  Children learn to investigate and to be curious, enthusiastic and experimental. Over the two years, children develop a strong sense of the world they live in and most importantly their place in it.

  • Physical development

Initially this is about improving coordination, control, manipulation and movement skills both indoors and outdoors. A parachute, a slide, tunnels, a trampoline, bean bags, hoops and a climbing frame are some of the extensive equipment at Sanskriti. This enables energetic play, hand-eye coordination and extends both fine motor skills and gross motor control

  • Creative development

Children learn through creative play, it is fundamental to successful learning. Creativity also helps children to make connections between one area of learning and another. Dance, art, music, role-play, imaginative play, cooking and drama are all included in our program of creative learning. We encourage role-play with dressing up from our rail of costumes and props.