Sr. K.G. / PREP (Age group: 5 – 6 years)

Children in this age group move from a concrete to an abstract form of learning. They are highly imaginative and make and narrate their own stories. They move to the arena of friends, sharing and following rules. In language they identify ending sounds and short vowels, and start forming CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. They understand numbers and rote counts with accuracy till 50.

Our School makes your child ready to most relevant characteristics such as: listening and asking questions, expressing thoughts and communication with others, thinking before performing actions, possessing curious eagerness to learn, being experienced with books, knowing how to share and take turns, being able to work alone and with others, and understanding written words and how they are put together to make a sentence.

We develop your child on the four areas:

  • Language -English, Maths, Hindi
  • Thinking Skills
  • Self-Control
  • Self-Confidence.

 Topics Covered:

English :

  • Cursive a to z
  • a, e, i, o , u sound word, ee, oo, sh, th ch , ll ,ea oa, wh
  • Use of a, an , the, is ,am, are ., this-that, these- those, in-on, over-under,  opposites, one-many, pairing words, he she, his her, has, have
  • 5 lines on myself, fruits,vegetable and many more…


  • Count: 1 to 200
  • Tables from 2 to 5
  • Shapes names
  • How to spell numbers (1 to 200)
  • Ascending & Descending
  • Ordinal numbers(1-10)
  • Before, after, between. >, < ,= smallest and biggest numbers


  • All matraye
  • falon ke naam (Fruits Name)
  • Pakshiyon ke naam (Birds Name)
  • Rango ke naam (Colors Name)
  • Sabjiyon ke naam (Vegetable Name)
  • Ango ke naam (Body parts)
  • Mahino ke naam (Month Name)
  • Saptah ke dino ke naam (Weeks Name)
  • vilom shabd & Many more…


  • Pet and wild animal name
  • Body Parts
  • Transport name
  • Colours names
  • Fruits and vegetables name
  • Sea animal
  • Sense organ
  • Indoor and outdoor Games
  • Days of the week
  • Month name
  • Names of animals & its home, sound and baby 
  • Flower names
  • Birds names
  • Insects names
  • Names of community helper. etc